Blood 블러드 [2015]

KBS2 from February 16, 2015 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 kst for 20 episodes
Genre: Medical drama, Vampire, Romance
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What Happens to My Family 가족끼리 왜 이래 [2014]

KBS2 from August 16, 2014 on Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55 kst with 50 episodes
Also known as What Happens to My Family?; Why Are Families Being Like This, What’s Wrong? We Are Family, This Is Family
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy, Drama
<!–more–Written by Kang Eun-kyung
Directed by Jeon Chang-geun

Yoo Dong-geun as Cha Soon-bong
Kim Hyun-joo as Cha Gang-shim
Kim Sang-kyung as Moon Tae-joo
Yoon Park as Cha Gang-jae
Park Hyung-sik as Cha Dal-bong


Cha Soon-bong is a widower who has devoted his life to his three children, loving them despite their self-centred selfishness and disrespect. However, when he discovers that he has terminal cancer, he decides to use the time he has left to ensure their happiness when he is gone. His eldest daughter Gang-shim, after a failed relationship, has resigned herself to never marry and a lifetime of being alone; his eldest son Gang-jae, a brilliant oncologist, is resentful of his humble origins and has entered a loveless marriage for profit; and his youngest son, Dal-bong, is a drifter who claims that nothing seems to go right for him.

As part of his scheme Soon-bong takes his children to court, since he has received none of the filial piety that he is due; he asks instead for a cash sum that none of them can pay. The children settle instead for granting their father seven requests. As these requests are fulfilled they each in turn comes to realise the reason for their father's bizarre behaviour. To make him happy, all that the children have left is to set right their own lives: Gang-shim dares to let go of past hurts to be with the man that she loves, Gang-jae learns to care for those around him, and Dal-bong comes to learn that hard work is never unrewarded.

Soon-bong dies happy, able leave with his heart at peace, for his children have rediscovered what it is to love and what it is to be a family. wiki.

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