Sunny Happiness 幸福最晴天 [2011]

Anhui TV from February 9, 2011 to March 5, 2011 for 25 episodes
Also known as: Happiness is like a Sunny Day, The Sunniest Day of Happiness, Sunshine Day
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Written by Lu Hui Xin, Yang Hui Wen
Directed by Xu Fu Jun

Mike He as Xiang Yun Jie
Janine Chang as Fang Yong Yong


Xiang Yun Jie (Mike He) is a young, rich and divorced owner of an expanding company. Fang Yong Yong (Janine Chang) works as a housekeeper in a hotel whose owner happens to be Xiang Yun Jie. When Xiang Yun Jie decides to demolish an orphanage which is located on a very valuable piece of land to construct a new shopping mall, this orphanage is revealed to be Fang Yong Yong’s old home. As Fang Yong Yong begins to work as well as a nanny, she finds out that Xiang Yun Jie is not the golden bachelor he pretends to, because he actually has an eight year old child. Xiang Yun Jie though, did not know himself that he has a child, as he thought that his ex-wife had aborted their child. After finding out the truth he wants to gain custody of the child, as his ex-wife refuses to let Xiang Yun Jie spend time with his child. At around the same time Fang Yong Yong finds out who the culprit behind the mall project ist, namely Xiang Yun Jie. Now, since both are in the need of something, Xiang Yun Jie decides to give Fang Yong Yong the prospect of saving the orphanage in exchange for a fake marriage which has to last exactly one year (as he wants to gain custody he can only do that by providing the child with a whole family).

Will Fang Yong Yong accept the contract? Which consequences will the contract have for the families and the company? Can a fake marriage become a real one? And why is Fang Yong Yong suddenly pregnant?

Sunny Happiness provides a fun and dramatic roller-coaster watch which shows how twisted fate can be sometimes and lets the actors shine in a whole different light. wiki.

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